The meteorologists on staff in Weather Affirmation have over 30 years combined experience, and can offer a wide variety of services.


·        Past Weather Investigation – Whenever an “incident” occurs and weather is a factor, our meteorologists have the ability to pool resources and reconstruct weather conditions.


·        Analysis – Once the data is obtained, a preliminary report is initially submitted.  If a more detailed description is needed, then a final detailed report is given. 


·        Deposition – Weather Affirmation’s meteorologists are certified and can offer their “opinion” as to the weather.


·        Expert Testimony – If required, our meteorologist can testify in court.


·        Specialized Experts Access – If after an initial investigation is completed and additional expertise is required, Weather Affirmation will utilize the appropriate expert in the field.



Curriculum Vitae

Ross Dixon


·        Forensic Meteorologist – Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics (with an emphasis in meteorology) from the University of Oklahoma.  Soon after, he began his professional career in 1968 and gave legal testimony in County, State and Federal Court cases for both defendants and plaintiffs.


·        American Meteorological Society (AMS) – Received designation as a Certified Consulting Meteorologist.


·        Aviation Weather – Has held a private pilot license and has conducted many different briefings for both commercial and private pilots.


·        Television Meteorologist – Serves as “on-air” talent for a statewide news/weather program for the Oklahoma public television affiliate.


·         Program Development and Services – The vast meteorological experience has assisted Weather Affirmation in developing the current Emergency Notification System and other weather data systems for:

-         Trucking Companies

-         Aviation Industry

-         Insurance


·        Full Curriculum Vitae – Can be available upon request.



Curriculum Vitae

Will Bakula



·        Meteorology – Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and began professionally in 1989.


·        Television Meteorologist – Served as “on-air” talent for local private commercial television stations and currently performs as back-up talent for the statewide Oklahoma Public Television Network. 


·        American Meteorological Society (AMS) – Is a current member and has earned a Television Seal of Approval.


·        Program Development and Services – Worked as a partner in Weather Affirmation to develop the Emergency Notification System that benefits:

-         First Responders

-         Deaf & Hard of Hearing Persons

-         Private Citizens


·        Forensic Meteorology – Conducts various types of reports and analysis for:

-         Insurance Companies

-         Attorneys

-         Private Individuals


·        Full Curriculum Vitae – Can be available upon request.