The Emergency Notification System is a computer program and database, which is used to send weather and non-weather messages to entire an organization and/or group.  The program is extremely similar to the Emergency Notification Service, but has many more features.



What is the Emergency Notification System?


·        Wireless Notification Tool – An automated text product communication package exclusively developed by Weather Affirmation that is compatible with alphanumeric pagers (one & two way), cellular telephones and other wireless communication devices.  Each system is customized for your specific region and includes:

-         All state and bordering counties

-         National Weather Service offices for the state

-         Local communication companies that service the region

-         Preprogrammed weather and non-weather messages


·        Central Database – The client database contains all information related to each client, and is the main portion of the system.  This is where the program “decides” what product goes out, when the message will be sent and to which client. 



Why Use the Emergency Notification Service?


·        Speed – The messages that are sent are short, but informational.  As a result, an entire group/organization can be notified rather quickly.


·        Central Database – Information such as, client information, weather/non-weather data and communication company methods are located at one location and can be accessed fairly easily.


·        Reliability & Flexibility – There are many different features that are built into the system  (see below).





·        Redundancy – To greater increase the speed and accuracy of the emergency message, several redundant features are built into the system:

-         Hot redundant system (In case the primary unit fails, the secondary unit becomes active automatically)

-         Multiple phone lines and modems (For the unlikely event phones lines are down and also to increase the speed of the messages)

-         Back-Up power supplies


·        Different Methods of Communications – Both the Internet and regular telephone lines are used.  The system sends messages to:

-         Alphanumeric paging companies via phone lines or Internet (not E-Mails)

-         Cellular telephone companies via phone lines and/or Internet (Not E-Mails)

-         Valid E-Mail addresses via Internet only


·        Multi-Data Streams – The entire system does not solely depend on one source of information, and can be compatible almost any type of text data stream.


·         Flexible – The system is set up for a specific group or organization however the modification of the database and customer specific requests can be modified easily.



System Features


·        Self-Monitoring – The system automatically sends a specific message to the system administrator(s) when errors occur.


·        Weather and Data Archive – A built-in feature that automatically sends ingested text data into an archive drive.


·        Notification Logs – Any message that is sent or attempted is stored in a separate file location to be called up easily.


·        Client Specific Message – A customized 30-character pre/post amble can be created. 


·        System Support – Weather Affirmation offers excellent technical support.


·        Full Curriculum Vitae – Can be available upon request.





The Emergency Notification System is customized for a specific group or organization.  As a result, please contact one of our sales persons for exact pricing and other related notification services.