MET- (Meteorological)

WATCH – (Watch Service)




Why use MET-WATCH?


·        “On-Site” Weather – Avoid interpolating weather data from an official National Weather Service observation location (generally the airport) located miles away.


-         Recorded “Minute-By-Minute” – Weather data is maintained every minute, 24 hours a day.

-         All weather data recorded on site is permanently archived in Weather Affirmation’s Office.


·        Identify Adverse Weather Days


·        Incident Investigation


·        Adjust Critical Path


·        Settle “Non-Working Day” Disputes




What is MET-WATCH?



·        Weather Monitoring and Recording System


·        Customized for Specific Projects & Locations

Since the MET-WATCH service is installed on-site, specific weather information critical to the project is monitored.


·        Data from the Project is Digitally Archived and Stored


·        Daily Weather Report – Data is compiled and sent via FAX or E-mail to designated office(s) related to the project.  Each report can be customized to meet the needs of clients.


















Graphical Display – Can be displayed by a number of different charts/graphs.


















Tabular DisplayWeather Data is collected and displayed in text data






How MET-WATCH Works?



Weather is Collected/

Stored by Certified Instruments                                          Data is Downloaded

                                                                                                                Into Weather Affirmation’s









     Sent to




                        FAX and/or                      




  Weather Reports

                                                                                   Are Generated



MET-WATCH Features


·        Types of Weather Recorded*

Temperature          Wind

          Humidity               Precipitation         


*Times Of Daily Extremes Noted And Different Elements Can Also Be Recorded


·        Third Party Information – Since this data is maintained by Weather Affirmation, a disinterested third party, it will remain completely unbiased.  In addition, our staff has a certified consulting meteorologist so if needed any weather disputes can be settled legally.


·        Certified Weather Instruments – The set of instruments are certified by national standards and the certificate is kept on file.







The MET-WATCH service is made up of:


1.     A set of Certified Weather Instruments Installed “On-Site”

2.     Electrical Power Connection (if applicable)

3.     Telephone and/or Modem Access

4.     Ability to Receive FAX and/or E-Mail





Since the MET-WATCH service is designed to meet the specific needs of clients, the following factors are considered:


·        Project Specific

-         Duration of Service Contract

-         System Configuration

-         Number of Construction Sites

-         Location of Weather Instruments


·        Installation & Breakdown